How Big Day Off helps support those with spinal cord injuries

How Big Day Off helps support those with spinal cord injuries

The Big Day Off partnered with Spinal Cord injuries Australia and SpinalCure Australia raising funds for vital services, helping to better the lives of people with a spinal cord injury.

Spinal Cord Injuries Australia (SCIA) is celebrating 50 years of supporting people with spinal cord injuries. The organisation not only helps those with a spinal cord injury but actively hire people who have a disability. We talked to people who work at SCIA and learn how funds from the Big Day Off will help within the organisation.


Emily James is one of our ambassadors of the Big Day Off. After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Emily decided to spend a couple of years traveling around North and South America. During a snowboarding holiday in Vermont, USA she fell and broke her C5 vertebrae rendering her a quadriplegic.

Emily joined SCIA in mid-2016 and currently works as a Peer Support Coordinator. As part of her role, Emily goes into local spinal rehabilitation units at hospitals and provides both informal and formal support and, with her own lived experience, educates individuals who have just experienced a spinal cord injury.

If Emily had a day off work she would sleep in and then find a sunny spot in a cafe for a long brunch next to the water whilst reading a book. She would then go for a roll along the waterfront before going to see a movie and finishing the day off meeting with friends for dinner.



Rob Wynn has been a big part of the SCIA Peer Support team helping out at social events, education sessions such as wheelchair skill training and regular visits hospitals to provide support for people who have just had a spinal cord injury. After the removal of a tumour from his spinal cord in 2008, Rob was left an incomplete T1-T5 paraplegic. It took Rob’s sheer determination (and lots and lots of physiotherapy) to slowly get back to leading a normal life.

Rob plays a vital role in helping people with spinal cord injuries transition back into normal life. If Rob had a day off he would spend it by going for a swim at the beach and meeting up with mates and going to the pub.


Cobie edit

On Christmas Day 2011, Cobie Ann Moore fell from a balcony after the rail gave way resulting in Cobie becoming a C5/6 quadriplegic. She has experienced firsthand the services and support network provided by SCIA whilst working in their Customer Connect team providing customers with much needed support and information. “SCIA has a huge knowledge base about spinal cord injury, I have learnt a lot about my own injury while I have been working here. For example, I didn’t know what causes spasms and how to manage them before I started working here. I have also been made aware of subsidies and supports such as the Mobility Allowance and the Medical Energy Rebate which I am eligible for but was not accessing”, says Cobie.

If Cobie had a Day Off work, she would spend it decorating her new apartment or by spending a relaxing day at the beach.

You can nominate your workplace or register your business and give yourself a chance to win a day off and help people with spinal cord injuries.