Five awesome ways to get Big Day Off ticket sales skyrocketing

Five awesome ways to get Big Day Off ticket sales skyrocketing

Tremendous news if you’ve registered your company for this year’s Big Day Off, but need help getting staff on the bandwagon – here are five great ways to start spreading the word and spreading the Big Day Off love!

1. Aim for a ticket buying or fundraising goal

Sometimes people work better when they can physically see a deadline or a light at the end of a tunnel. In many circumstances, people feel more motivated to contribute when an amount has been set. It gives people a sense of accomplishment while supporting this really important cause.


2. Rewards!

Everyone loves rewards. Here at Big Day Off we’ve given away a $500 Red Balloon voucher and an Apple Watch just for nominating a boss or registering a business. Around your workplace, you can give away prizes like movie tickets, or even better a week’s worth of free coffee! Prizes could go to the person who has bought the most tickets, or the most tickets in one day. Or you could use social media, anyone who posts about what they’d do on their Big Day Off and uses a special hashtag could be in the running.

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3. Email alerts

Big Day Off already sends the team leader emails you can send to your co-workers, but perhaps you like to send a more personalised email, keeping your team up-to-date with the team’s ticket sales and fundraising progress. Engage with staff by asking them how they’d spend their Big Day Off, and perhaps include some links to videos or articles that hark back to what the Big Day Off is all.

4. Be shameless about putting up posters

Big Day Off sends every registered company/team a poster with their team code that they can hang around the office. But don’t limit it to one – Put up A LOT. In the kitchen. In the bathrooms (the back doors of cubicles in the ladies loos are always a good spot). In the corridor. Above the photocopier. Wherever you’ve got some spare space stick up a poster.

5. Invite speakers to share their personal experience with spinal cord injury

More often than not, people want to know exactly where their money is going, how funds raised have made an impact in the past and where their money will have an impact in the future. People want to feel the relevancy of their involvement with their own two eyes. Here at the Big Day Off, we are always willing to speak to your staff about the direct impact you are making in the lives of people with spinal cord injuries. We have a number of engaging speakers who have experienced a spinal cord injury and can demonstrate first-hand the vital importance of your fundraising dollars.

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If you’d like to know more about the Big Day Off and how you can  register your business or nominate a boss, you can find answers to all of these questions at About the Big Day Off.