Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Entries close on June 30th, 2018. Days off are drawn electronically on July 2nd, 2018. Days off are not transferable to another person or redeemable for cash.
All donations made for the Big Day Off raffle are not tax deductible under the Australian Taxation Office – Gifts and Donations. However, one off donations made from our Big Day Off website are tax deductible.

1.Definition of “A Day Off”

Full Time Employees

A standard working day. For example, if an employee works five 7.6 hour days in a week then a day off is 7.6 hours, if an employee works four 9.5 hour days then a day off is 9.5 hours.

Part Time Employees

A day off for part time employees is a standard shift. If an employee works two 7.6 hour days a week then a day off is 7.6 hours. If shift durations are variable then the duration of a day off is the average length of a shift averaged over the last four weeks.

Casual Employees

Casual employees must be compensated to a reasonable amount that would accurately reflect their normal working frequency.

2. Responsibility

The Trustee for The Big Day Off Trust cannot be held responsible for any issues, injury, harm (mental, physical or other), monetary losses or damages as a result of participating in The Big Day Off.


3. Maximum Income

To participate in the Big Day Off employees in NSW must earn less than $7.8 Million per year. Employees in VIC must earn less than $1.3 Million per year.