The 2016 Big Day Off is coming!

The 2016 Big Day Off is coming!

The Big Day Off is back and better than ever in 2016….just 1 week until the big launch!

The Big Day Off is a fun and unique way for businesses and staff to fundraise for an important cause, and it’s simple – all your business or workplace needs to do is register online and decide how many days to offer, then let us handle the rest!

The Big Day Off is a team effort between businesses and employees that raises money and awareness for Australians living with spinal cord injury (SCI). Businesses register to be involved, offer a day or days paid leave, then their staff can buy online raffle tickets in the draw to win a paid Big Day Off from their workplace. It’s an easy way for us all to support a great cause.
For the Big Day Off winners of the draw it’s a great opportunity to switch off the computer or down tools to spend a day experiencing something exciting, indulgent or relaxing, and enjoying the company of family and friends or a bit of well earned solitude.


We’ve secured some great sponsors and partners this year including the National Rugby League (NRL), News Corp Australia, and ambassadors from the worlds of sport and business to help take the Big Day Off to the next level. Together we’re going to kick it out of the park, aiming to raise $1,000,000 this year for Australians with spinal cord injury, people like James McQuillan, the young Albury man who inspired the initiative.

We hope you’ll join us in 2016 by registering your business or nominating your boss today, or phone 1800 819 775 to speak to the Big Day Off team about getting involved.