Top 5 reasons to nominate a boss, plus a ZINGER of a bonus reason!

Top 5 reasons to nominate a boss, plus a ZINGER of a bonus reason!

Need more reasons to nominate a boss for the Big Day Off? Here are our top 5, plus a great bonus reason you need to know about!

With only five weeks to go, in the 2016 round of the Big Day Off, here are the top 5 reasons (other than getting yourself in the running to win a paid day off work) that you should nominate your boss or a boss you know for the Big Day Off.

  1. When your desk/cubicle/office/site mate wins a day off, they’ll be thanking you for making that crucial nomination and getting your company signed up, the GLORY will be all yours.
  1. Does your boss suffer from a case of the cranky pants? Do you reckon he or she could really use a day off to de-crank? Now it seems rude to suggest that to someone’s face… but here’s your solution, once your boss has registered your workplace for the Big Day Off they can buy tickets to be in the running to win that paid day off work too. It’s a plus for you if they win, while the cats away… the mice will be working very diligently of course 😛
  1. Sick of standing around awkwardly at staff fundraisers with a weak cup of tea, a tasteless piece of sponge cake and being stuck making small talk with Mark from Accounts? It’s probably in the name of a great cause, but really, wouldn’t you rather your fundraising dollars also gave you the chance to do something you’d actually enjoy? Once your boss registers your workplace for the Big Day Off all of your fundraising dollars will give you the chance to win a day off work to do whatever you want with (and of course a day away from Mark from Accounts).
  1. It’ll make you look like an all-round good guy/gal. When you nominate your boss you’ll be helping support the over 15,000 Australians who have a spinal cord injury, so you won’t be able to stop your boss from thinking you are caring, altruistic and a team player with great community spirit. It never hurts to look good in front of the boss, it might just get you that next pay rise you’re after.
  1. The last one is the most obvious – because you could win an extra paid day off work (if it is indeed your own boss you are nominating – if it’s a boss you know it might be time to hit them up for a job). Once they register their workplace to be part of the Big Day Off all of their staff will be able to buy tickets in the draw to win a paid day off work. Imagine that, a whole extra day to do whatever you want with. Go skydiving if you’re an adrenaline junky, have breakfast in bed if you’re in need of some R&R, start a DIY project if you can never usually find the time. How you spend your Big Day Off is entirely up to you.


BONUS REASON: We’ve just had some flash, new Apple Watches come across the BDO desks, courtesy of our friends at Network Ten! So, we’re giving away an Apple Watch to one lucky registrant or nominator who gets in before June 1 – get into it today to win! All you have to do is nominate a boss or register your business and you’re in the draw. Nominate as many bosses as you like – one nomination = one entry.

Let the world know about the #BigDayOff on whichever social media platform your heart desires – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn – and nominate your boss or a boss you know at: You’re friends will love you for it when they’re taking an extra long weekend, on the boss!

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